Travelling ‘Your way’.


Travelstream aim to bridge the gap between the current retail agency model and the online travel agent booking process through adapting to advances in technology, utilising them throughout the travel booking and research phases, and mixing that with the traditional “face-to-face” model.

Full stream ahead

Seamer design was tasked to refresh the existing logo and further develop the branding.  Though a series of brand workshops we developed the brand positioning and tagline ‘Your way’ which related back to the target market of a younger audience not only looking to explore and travel but do it in a more flexible booking management itinerary developed by the client.

Seamer created the brand strategy, messaging, brand identity system, style guide, stationery, advertising, in-store displays and website.

Taking elements from the logo to spill out into the numerous communication material and strong slogan helped maintain a consistent identity, producing an easily identifiable brand.