Celebrating local business.

March 3, 2021
Posted by
Brent Seamer

2020 was an unpredictable year that challenged many local business’s, but the strength and innovation the community showed has been nothing short of inspiring.

We were honoured to have been selected to reinvigorate the awards branding to help celebrate business’s, who not only succeeded but grew, survived and thrived in 2020.  

One of the biggest differences this year is the ‘Business Development Program’. This program allows applicants to gain insight into their business and how things are currently working. They will learn to analyse their business from a different perspective and develop ways for potential for growth and development.

Our brief was be more representative of all business in Ballarat and come across much friendlier, as well as showcase the new program.

We locked onto this idea that achievement, success and growth come in many different shapes and sizes. Honing in on this, we then developed the ‘2021’ brand mark, which became the running theme throughout the rest of the branded collateral. We wanted to play with geometric shapes and colours to not only show adaptability and growth but provide a funner, more approachable feel that would be bold and engaging.

We created a look and feel report that showcased how the branding could be utilised in print and digital collateral, from brochures, posters and flyers to social media tiles and animation.